Values and Guiding Principles

Members of the GIIN team operate with five key values and guiding principles in mind.

Responsible Leadership 

  • We believe we must be bold and focused in our thoughts and efforts to improve the world
  • We are idealistic at heart, ambitious in action, and pragmatic in approach

Intellectual Rigor, Curiosity & Excellence 

  • We believe that active listening and critical thinking are essential to inform our views and enable us to deliver the greatest impact
  • We believe we must deliver to the highest standards

Learning & Adaptation

  • We aim to be nimble, responsive, and adaptive to our dynamic market
  • We believe in continuous improvement, and give and receive feedback graciously and constructively

Diversity of Perspectives 

  • We believe in seeking out and engaging a diverse set of perspectives and experiences
  • We believe in the crucial role of collaboration and partnerships

Team Spirit

  • We believe that we will be strongest when we support one another as individuals and value each other’s contributions
  • We believe in supporting the whole person; we recognize the strength of our organization is built on a fulfilling and balanced work environment for all

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