Viewpoint 2010: What is ahead for Social Investment?

IJ Partners December 28, 2009 Compilation, Editing: Maximilian Martin & Andreas Ernst

This collection of forward-looking essays includes writing by GIIN Investors' Council member Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui of IGNIA.

From abstract

"What is next for philanthropy after the great downturn? This edition of Viewpoint looks at what lies ahead over the medium term, and argues that after the recent downward adjustment of financial resources, social investment has become even more attractive.

...Beyond microfinance, other asset classes are emerging, and perhaps the two most transformational opportunities in terms of creating social impact today consist on the one hand of investing into small and medium enterprises that offer appropriate products and services to the bottom of the pyramid, and designing synthetic social businesses where an appropriate holding structure encodes a social mission in a for-profit venture, providing affordable goods and services to large numbers of people."


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