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Sizing the Impact Investing Market

Global Impact Investing Network April 1, 2019 Abhilash Mudaliar, Hannah Dithrich

The Global Impact Investing Network’s Sizing the Impact Investing Market report, provides an in-depth analysis of the current size and composition of the impact investing market. The GIIN estimates the current size of the global impact investing market to be $502 billion.

Representing the most comprehensive study to date, the Sizing the Impact Investing Market report is the most rigorous analysis and estimate of the size of the impact investing market. Based on the collation of AUM data on more than 1,300 impact investors around the world, this research also underscores the diversity of the market, capturing data from many types of investors. These include asset managers, foundations, banks, development finance institutions, family offices, pension funds, insurance companies, and others.

The market-sizing research not only establishes a fundamental understanding of the market’s current scale, indicating that a significant amount of capital is at work to address the world’s social and environmental challenges, but also serves as a first step in a GIIN initiative to ensure the impact investing market continues to scale with integrity.

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