This report Harnessing the Power of the Purse: Female Investors and Global Opportunities for Growth by the Center for Talent Innovation provides a broad overview of how women in the United States, UK, India, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong manage their money. Their $20 AUM – or 27% of global financial wealth – is invested differently than the funds managed by men. 90% of the women sampled said that making a positive impact on society is important. More than men, at least in the developed world, women were found to invest according to their values: in the US and UK, significant discrepancies were found between men and women’s desires to fund gender equality, diversity in leadership, and the environment.

From the report:

"Women differ from men in how they perceive wealth. They see wealth providing them with financial security and independence, just as men do. But once these priorities are met, women look to wealth to provide a larger basket of goods, not just for themselves and their families, but also for society at large."

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