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Engaging Faith-Based Investors in Impact Investing

Global Impact Investing Network January 27, 2020

To achieve a future where impact considerations are integrated into all investment decisions, the GIIN is working with diverse communities to mobilize more capital for impact investing. The faith-based investing community is one of those with whom the GIIN has been deepening ties.

Examples of faith-based investors leading responsible investing initiatives date back centuries, and by expanding into impact investing, these investors have an opportunity to achieve measurable, evidence-backed impact that aligns with the values of these diverse faiths. Given the vast wealth held by faith-based investors, activating their assets toward impact can lead to substantive contributions to global development agendas, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Climate Agreement.

Engaging Faith-Based Investors in Impact Investing outlines key insights from interactions with the faith-based investing community along with proposed engagement strategies that could be assumed by field-building organizations—like the GIIN and others—to support faith-based investors on their impact investing journey.

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