Impact Investing Could Reach $1 Trillion in 10 years

JP Morgan Report

Responsible Investor magazine highlights key findings in Impact Investments: An Emerging Asset Class, a report by J.P. Morgan and The Rockefeller Foundation, in partnership with the GIIN.

"Impact investing, which prioritises positive social and environmental impact over investment returns, could see new capital inflows ranging from $400bn to nearly $1 trillion in the next ten years as the 'emerging asset class' targets segments of the economy typically under-served by traditional business. A report by JP Morgan, the US bank, said impact investing merited the status of new asset class and estimated that it could generate potential profits ranging from $183bn to $667bn over the next ten years by investing in sub-sectors including agriculture, water, housing, education, health, energy and financial services (microfinance), notably in countries where people earn less than $3,000 annually."

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