Investing with Purpose

A Pilot Study

CECP and Prudential Financial, Inc. November 15, 2016

The CECP with support from Prudential Financial, Inc. released a new report, Investing with Purpose: A Pilot Study. This report seeks to quantify and catalog the corporate impact investing market and outlines six approaches companies are taking, including: Direct Investments, Self-Managed Funds, Third Party Funds, Strategic Alliances, Accelerators and Incubators, and Corporate Foundations.

Investing with Purpose estimates the size of the corporate impact investing market at $2.4 billion, with one third of companies being somewhat or highly active in impact investing practices, and notes that this is expected to grow. As such, the report also offers a roadmap that indicates the level of resources or inputs needed to on-ramp each of the approaches large companies are taking to enhance their investments and corporate societal engagement initiatives.

This report, through examples, seeks to inspire an on-ramp to action for the two-thirds of companies that have not yet leveraged investments for their societal engagement objectives, and to encourage those companies who have taken the first step to consider deeper investment.