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How is impact investing in a microfinance institution improving the lives of women in Bolivia?

In this video, explore how Pro Mujer’s microfinance loans, education programs, and health services are improving the lives of women in Latin America who often face high rates of income and gender inequality.

This is the story of Janeth Villegas, a Bolivian woman who wanted to be able to run her own chocolate business and take care of her family from home at the same time, but did not have the resources or education to be able to do so. Actiam Impact Investing, a GIIN Investors’ Council Member, invested in Pro Mujer Bolivia in an effort to provide them with the additional working capital needed to expand their client base to provide access to financial services for women living at the BoP. One such client of Pro Mujer Bolivia is Janeth Villegas. Pro Mujer taught her accounting, how to manage a business, and more so she was able to develop her own chocolate business and reinvest her income back into her family. She’s now teaching her children about how to manage the business so they too, can be successful and break the cycle of poverty/inequality that is often passed from one generation to the next.

More about Janeth here>

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