GIIN membership offers participation in workstreams which focus on specific topics or themes. Members both new and experienced on the topic are encouraged to participate.


As part of GIIN membership, members have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to one or more thematic workstreams. Workstreams consist of member-driven activities, in-person and virtual convenings, as well as the development of resources on a particular topic or thematic area. Participation in workstreams allows members to highlight their work on the topic, network with relevant peers, exchange lessons learned, and contribute to industry resources.

Below are the GIIN’s current workstreams. Additional information on each workstream, including information on how to get involved, can be found by navigating the pages on the left side menu.

  • Blended Finance Working Group
    Aims to decrease costs and increase the frequency and scale of blended finance instruments. Activities include developing guidance documents, workshopping new blended finance structures, and learning from experienced investors and managers of blended structure vehicles. 
  • Climate Investing Track
    Supports climate mitigation investors through targeted engagement around themes like clean energy access and sustainable forestry.
  • Frontier Finance Working Group
    Seeks to mobilize capital to investments that aim to improve the lives of low to lower-middle income populations in emerging and frontier markets.
  • Product Development Platform
    Provides the needed infrastructure to rapidly accelerate the development of investment products that address urgent social and environmental needs linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Past Workstreams
A list of past workstreams can be found by navigating the “Past” pages on the left side menu.

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