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Understanding and Applying Evidence on the Financial Performance of Impact Investments

Impact investing is a growing movement capturing the attention of investors across the world. As institutional investors, among others, begin to explore opportunities in impact investing, however, they often question the ability of impact investments to generate strong financial returns. 

A growing body of research produced by the GIIN and other industry players shows that risk-adjusted market rate returns are achievable and returns distributions are often comparable to those among conventional investments. Fund manager selection and due diligence are often cited as key to strong performance, like with any other traditional investment. The GIIN’s report, GIIN Perspectives: Evidence on the Financial Performance of Impact Investments, synthesizes available data across multiple asset classes and individual portfolios to address this knowledge gap.

On December 12, 2017, the GIIN hosted a webinar to share key findings from the GIIN Perspectives report and reactions from investors, including advisors to the GIIN’s Initiative for Institutional Impact Investment. The webinar also included a discussion of the implications of this body of research for the industry as well as key considerations in developing a balanced portfolio.

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