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Using Grants to Support Frontier Finance

Global Impact Investing Network December 17, 2020 Sean Gilbert, Katrina Ngo, Diari Dieye

Grant-makers—including family offices, private and corporate foundations, and organizations involved in development finance—play critical roles in addressing societal challenges in communities around the world. In order to leverage their limited resources, grant-makers often consider new tools and partnerships to increase the effectiveness of their grant-making programs. One pathway to amplifying their impact lies in collaborations with impact investors and mission-driven businesses that share their common goals of contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Developed through activities of the GIIN’s Frontier Finance Working Group, Using Grants to Support Frontier Finance is intended to serve as a resource for grant-making organizations that are focused on addressing challenges affecting communities in emerging and frontier markets. Offered here are examples and information that can support internal dialogue on possible avenues to expand grant-making strategies. The uses of grants described in this resource are specifically oriented toward advancing frontier finance— investments seeking to improve the lives of low- to lower-middle-income people in emerging and frontier markets—as one strategy within an overall grant-making program.

Three case studies also are included in this resource providing examples of philanthropic organizations using their funding to support frontier finance investments as an approach to further their impact. These case studies outline the partnerships between The Lemelson Foundation and Villgro, The Mastercard Foundation and AgDevCo, and the Jacobs Foundation and two asset managers-- Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) and Comoé Capital.

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