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The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southern Africa

The Global Impact Investing Network and Open Capital Advisors February 25, 2016

The GIIN, in partnership with Open Capital Advisors, published The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southern Africa, a state-of-the-market analysis of the impact investing industry in the active region. The report includes findings from 12 countries, as well as a dedicated chapter exploring the role of development finance institutions (DFIs) across Southern Africa.

The report analyzes a market comprising countries that vary substantially in their level of development but that present common challenges and opportunities for investments to drive social and environmental impact.

Download the Full Report:

The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southern Africa >

Download Individual Chapters from the Report:

Introduction >

Executive Summary >

Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) Chapter >

Angola Chapter >

Botswana Chapter >

Lesotho Chapter >

Madagascar Chapter >

Malawi Chapter >

Mauritius Chapter >

Mozambique Chapter >

Namibia Chapter >

South Africa Chapter >

Swaziland Chapter >

Zambia Chapter >

Zimbabwe Chapter > 

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