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Network Insights: Impact Measurement in the Clean Energy Sector

GIIN, Network Membership April 13, 2016

The GIIN, with support from the U.K. Government through the Department for International Development’s Impact Programme, released, Network Insights: Impact Measurement in the Clean Energy Sector. The report examines the impact measurement approaches of 13 GIIN members (including fund managers, foundations, development finance institutions (DFIs), and banks) who invest directly into clean energy companies— detailing the metrics, methodologies, and assumptions they use to measure impact as well as the challenges and limitations they face.

The report aims to bring greater transparency to the diversity and limitations of current impact measurement approaches, facilitate shared learning, and provide a tangible resource for those who are new to the sector or seeking to improve practice. This is the first publication from Network Insights, a new GIIN series that looks to capture and share key insights from the GIIN member network.

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