Closing the Gaps - Finance Pathways for Serving the Missing Middles

Dalberg March 6, 2020 Kusi Hornberger, Chris Jurgens, Julia Kho, Sally Walkerman, Nicholas Colloff

The Collaborative for Frontier Finance and its founding members have produced a follow-up report to the “Missing Middles: Segmenting Enterprises to Better Understand Their Financial Needs” which identified four distinct families of SGBs each with diverse characteristics and external financing needs. The new report: “Closing the Gaps: Finance Pathways for Serving the Missing Middles” identifies five alternative approaches or “pathways” for providing finance that meets the diverse needs of each SGB segment and investor. It also highlights critical actions that ecosystem stakeholders can take to help support these approaches as well as newly emerging ones that together can help fill the financing gaps within each SGB segment.

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