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The Business Value of Impact Measurement

The Global Impact Investing Network August 16, 2016 Hannah Schiff, Rachel Bass, Ari Cohen

The Business Value of Impact Measurement highlights ways in which impact investors and investees use impact measurement practices to inform investment and management decisions to drive business value. The report focuses on the connection between measuring the social and environmental performance of impact investments, and the application of these data to generate business value for investors and investees.

The report draws on specific examples of impact investors and investees that are applying impact data to generate ‘business value’—defined as factors that are advantageous to the overall strength of an investor’s or investee’s organization, including both direct economic value and strategic benefits that indirectly influence an organization’s long-term viability—and identifies five key drivers of business value that are derived from the application of impact measurement and management.

The findings in the report are drawn from interviews with 30 practitioners that represent a range of organization types, investment geographies, and asset classes in the impact investing space. The respondents provided detailed insight into how these key groups measure social and environmental performance to understand and maximize impact. This research project was funded in part by support from the DOEN Foundation and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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The Business Value of Impact Measurement >

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Deep Dives on the Use of Impact Data Throughout the Investment Process >

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