Product Development Platform

In response to the growing interest of GIIN members and the market’s strong demand and need for more and different types of impact investing funds and products, the GIIN has launched a product development platform. This platform provides needed infrastructure to rapidly accelerate the development of investment products that address urgent social and environmental needs linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The GIIN offers three different activities as part of the platform, which can be implemented as appropriate and by request. 

Product Structure Workshop
In a half-day workshop, fund managers present in-development investment products to a diverse set of asset owners, grouped by type (e.g. foundations, institutional investors, wealth advisors, family offices). Asset owner groups then provide feedback, in real time, about the attractiveness of those products from their perspective or the perspective of their clients.

This is intended to be useful for: Fund managers already in the process of structuring or raising funds who are interested in gaining feedback on, and honing, product offerings in collaboration with other fund managers and a group of target asset owners.

Product Innovation Hub
Through a set of virtual and in-person convenings over 4-6 months, several GIIN member organizations interested in expanding a product segment or filling a capital gap will work collaboratively with 20-30 peers (both asset managers and asset owners) to refine product concepts that meet the objectives and requirements of all participating groups.

This is intended to be useful for: Fund managers who are in the initial stages of developing investment products, and who want to convert these ideas into viable product structures with input from a group of relevant stakeholders.

Product Accelerator
This is intended to be useful for: Identifying and filling capital gaps that are not currently being addressed by the market. Any GIIN member with an idea targeting a concrete capital gap, which could deliver critical social or environmental outcomes, and for which commercial investment products could be designed.

Issue Briefs
The key findings and common lessons surfaced from each activity under the Product Development Platform to date are summarized in the following issue briefs:

Impact Investments in Sustainable Development Goal #15: Life on Land
This issue brief is a synthesis of two successive product structure workshops—one hosted in May 2019, by GIIN Investors’ Council Member, Nuveen; and a second, hosted in October 2019, as part of the GIIN Investor Forum--on SDG #15: Life on Land.

If you have an idea for one of the above, please email the Member Engagement Team.

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