Network Membership

Membership in the GIIN provides access to a diverse global community of organizations interested in deepening their engagement with the impact investment industry.

The Network Membership provides a platform for like-minded investors to meet and take part in activities that build the impact investing industry from a practitioner’s perspective. GIIN Members gain access to industry information, tools, and resources to enhance their capacity to make and manage impact investments and connect with one another through virtual and in-person members-only events.


Learn and Network: share lessons learned and exchange practical information with fellow members by participating in member-only events. A sample of past member event topics includes:

  • State of the Market – What Does the Latest Research Tell Us About the Impact Investing Industry
  • Structuring Investments to Finance Land, Water, and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Leadership Event: Building the Market to Support Impact Investors Based in Europe
  • US Community Investing: Investor Engagement

Participate in In-Depth Program Tracks:
participate in tracks designed to strengthen member practice and contribute to market development. Current tracks include:

  • BoP Basic Services Track: this offers members opportunities to exchange learnings, tackle shared challenges, and collaborate on emerging opportunities with respect to financing access to energy, healthcare, education, water and sanitation, and other basic services in emerging markets.
  • Holding Company Working Group: A member-led group that explores the appropriateness of holdco and other open-ended structures for impact investing by learning from existing structures and experimenting with new vehicles.
  • Legal Practitioners Track: initiated by a partnership between the GIIN and the International Senior Lawyers Project, the Legal Practitioners Affinity Group facilitates knowledge exchange on legal considerations that arise in financing and structuring impact investments among a community of peers.

Current tracks were created based on both member demand and the GIIN’s view on significant barriers to industry growth. The tracks are ongoing and new members are invited to join at any time. Please contact to learn more about the tracks.  

Access Industry Tools and Contribute to Industry Building:
gain access to industry knowledge and tools, including the member-exclusive offerings below, and contribute to growing the impact investing industry by participating in research projects or piloting tools.

  • Research: previews of GIIN research; webinars and in-person events with research partners
  • ImpactBase: premium access to downloadable file of 350+ funds listed on ImpactBase
  • IRIS: monthly, informal “office hours” with the GIIN’s IRIS team to improve your impact measurement practice in a one-on-one setting


The GIIN has built an investor-focused membership to support one portion of this growing ecosystem in service of the GIIN’s mission to increase the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. Like other GIIN tools and programs, membership is primarily designed to support investors and the growth of their impact investment practices. Investors that make—or plan to make—impact investments are invited to apply. In addition, organizations providing—or seeking to provide—services to impact investors, such as law firms, investment advisors, ratings agencies, and placement agents, are also invited to apply to join the community.


The GIIN believes that for impact investing to reach its full potential greater collaboration among leading network organizations is essential. To this end, the GIIN is proactively establishing strategic alliances around the world and has built partnerships with the following entities: 

A 10 percent pricing discount is available to organizations that are also members of any of the networks listed above; this discount remains in effect for as long as an organization maintains membership in the relevant network and in the GIIN.


Member dues are paid annually, with discounts for nonprofit organizations (excluding foundations) and organizations headquartered in emerging markets.

Organizational Headquarters

For Profit Organizations
& Foundations

Other Not-For-Profit Organizations

Developed Market



Emerging Market



All applications for membership will be subject to review. The GIIN reserves the right to decline membership applications in order to best serve its mission and/or maintain a strong peer learning community.


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