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The GIIN’s Knowledge Hubs aim to build capacity around specific impact investing themes by creating opportunities for members to learn from each other. Through peer exchange and resource sharing, GIIN members can connect to share knowledge and experiences on specific overarching themes. The GIIN has two Knowledge Hubs that build on past work and will launch new ones based on members’ interests:
Through quarterly convenings, the Knowledge Hubs bring together experts and practitioners to build the industry’s capacity to invest effectively and respond to emerging trends in the chosen themes. The content and specific program will be developed in collaboration with the participants.

Key Objectives

Address a diverse range of interests/motives of the membership community and impact investing industry at large

2-3 interviews with renowned thought leaders in the respective field (annually)

Offer systematic insights into a theme through ongoing engagement with experts and thought leaders

2-3 expert practitioner portraits including a network Q & A (annually)

Connect GIIN members with each other through offering deep dives on themes of shared interest

1-2 debates highlighting expert views, reflecting different perspectives, and aiming to build consensus (annually)

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