Investors’ Council Impact Measurement and Management Leadership Initiative


The Investors’ Council Leadership Initiative on Impact Measurement and Management is a multi-year effort led by the GIIN in partnership with the Investors’ Council, a diverse group of experienced impact investors, to lead the industry in defining, and putting into practice, common standards and norms for integrating impact considerations into investment management.

The Initiative partners with and complements other key industry efforts such as the Impact Management Project (IMP), the IFC Impact Management Principles, the Sustainable Development Goals, the OECD Data and Transparency Charter, and many others.

The Initiative is an important step to advancing several components of the GIIN’s Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing, and is conducted in collaboration with other GIIN initiatives such as the IRIS upgrade, Navigating Impact, the Impact Toolkit, the GIIN Initiative for Institutional Impact Investment, and others.

2018 Focus

The 2018 GIIN Initiative focuses on the creation of practical tools and products to benefit experienced and new impact investors, and facilitate the adoption of shared fundamentals for impact investing. The objective of this year’s work is to contribute to the principled growth of the industry, by establishing a solid foundation and identity for impact investing and by enabling the sharing and showcasing of best practices. These norms are based on the shared fundamentals set out by the IMP, which were tested by the Investors’ Council as part of the 2017 Initiative (see below for more details). The tools and products to be created include:

  • A common template for screening fund managers seeking access to impact capital, to be adopted by asset owners and managers making impact investments across asset classes. The template aims to ensure a common understanding of impact expectations alongside financial expectations, and reduce transaction costs among impact fund managers and investors.
  • A pilot research study on the feasibility of aggregating and analyzing impact performance data, and the potential of a future impact benchmark to contribute to an evidence base upon which investors can make more informed decisions about impact.
  • Peer groups and published case examples showcasing common and emerging best practices in integrating impact measurement and management into the investment process, serving as a reference and guide to new and existing impact investors seeking to improve their impact management practices.

A Steering Committee composed of eight GIIN Investors’ Council organizations with diverse perspectives and expertise provides guidance and leadership over the 2018 Initiative. 2018 Steering Committee members include: AXA Investment Managers, Christian Super, Ford Foundation, IFC, LGT Impact, Morgan Stanley, responsAbility Investments AG, and Treehouse Investments, LLC.

2017 Focus

In 2017, all Investors’ Council member organizations pilot tested the first set of norms for impact management, working closely with the Impact Management Project (IMP). Investors’ Council members agreed that the adoption of shared fundamentals is essential to the responsible growth of our industry, and that the convention set forth by the Impact Management Project is the best foundation with which to move forward.

A Steering Committee composed of nine GIIN Investors’ Council organizations provided guidance over the 2017 Initiative. 2017 Steering Committee members included: Athena Capital Advisors, IFC, Leapfrog Investments, Lok Capital, MacArthur Foundation, Omidyar Network, The Rockefeller Foundation, UBS, and Zurich Insurance Group.

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