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How is impact investing strengthening bilingual communities in the Pacific Northwest, USA?

In this story, find out how community investing enabled Carla Cabiya to overcome barriers to securing financing in order to realize her vision of opening her own business, a bilingual childcare center in Washington, USA.

Carla Cabiya wanted to open a bilingual childcare center in order to increase access to essential services for families in her community; however, as a new business, she struggled to access traditional financing to get her business up and running. With the help of Craft3, a leading CDFI in the Pacific Northwest and an investee company of GIIN Investors’ Council Member Calvert Foundation, she was able to secure financing in order to make the business a reality. Here, the impact investment generated four full-time jobs, assisted five low-income families and ultimately Cabiya’s business strengthens economic and family resilience in the community by increasing entrepreneurship, supporting economic growth and opportunity, and strengthening access to essential services.

Explore Carla’s story in depth, here >

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