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How is an impact investment in renewable energy improving the environment in Mongolia?

In this video, find out how impact investments from a variety of finance institutions, including GIIN Investors’ Council Member FMO, are transforming the energy landscape to improve the environment and people’s well-being in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In Ulaanbaatar, most of the population receives energy from the central grid, which until recently, had been running mostly on coal, contributing to poor air quality and damaging the environment. In an effort to meet the population’s growing demand for energy, impact investors provided the capital needed in order to develop the first wind farm in Mongolia. Salkhit Windfarm is the first renewable energy generator to be connected to their central grid and produces many social and environmental benefits for the people of Ulaanbaatar. The development of the windfarm improves the livelihood of the community and the environment there, as it reduces coal burning by 122k tons annually, saves 1.6 million tons of fresh water annually, and has created over 3,000 local jobs.

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