Faith-Based Investors Hub

The Hub aims to amplify faith-based investing stakeholders’ respective efforts to drive a greater mobilization of faith-based assets into impact investing and support the evolving ecosystem of networks and organizations pursuing these goals.

For many faith-based investors, values play a critical role in guiding their investment choices. Impact investing offers a vehicle for investors to move beyond screens and directly translate their values into measurable positive and intentional impacts while still pursuing their financial objectives. Given this potential for impact, the GIIN has launched an initiative to work more closely with faith networks and investors such as faith based investment firms and mutual funds, to deepen its connection with the faith-based investing community and support their commitment to impact investing.

What is the Faith-Based Investors Hub?

Launched in September of 2020, the Faith-Based Investors Hub provides a space for faith-based investors to engage in peer learning and find opportunities through collaboration to amplify their respective efforts to drive a greater mobilization of faith-based assets into impact investing.

The Hub is open to participants that share the goal of deepening the commitment of faith-based asset owners across geographies and across faiths to use their values to construct investment portfolios seeking to deliver positive and intentional impacts.

Participants in the Hub include a range of institutions and networks that are collectively trying to understand how to introduce impact objectives into their investing, and learning how to apply these with the same discipline as other considerations such as financial return and risk.

How the Hub will help us get there:

Quarterly, the participants of the Hub will meet to deepen connection, engage in peer learning, and coordinate their efforts. Through networking and collaboration, the Hub will both amplify existing efforts and create the space to develop new joint actions. Additionally, participant-led workstreams will create a space for collaborative work.

Faith-Based Investing Resources:

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