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ESSENTIALS: Exploring key considerations for measuring and managing impact

Findings from the second edition of The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice reflect the increased sophistication and maturation of Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) practices since the first edition in 2017. This report provides the most comprehensive view of how impact investors assess their social and environmental impact, their motivations for doing so, and their perspectives on the market.

While impact investors pursue diverse impact objectives, report respondents universally agreed on the importance of measuring and managing impact. In addition, respondents almost universally find that IMM can help advance both impact and financial objectives. Impact investors face numerous considerations and choices when measuring and managing their impact.

This webinar provides insights into approaches investors may take when developing an IMM practice. The GIIN will present key findings from the report, and experienced practitioners will share their perspectives.

Guest presenters: • Anisa Dougherty, Vice President at Tiedemann Advisors • Ximena Escobar de Nogales, Principal of Impact Strategy & Performance at Bamboo Capital Partners

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