Case Studies

As the evolution of the impact investing industry moves from "what is it" to "how is it done", case studies become increasingly important.

What does impact investing look like in action?

According to the GIIN's 2017 Annual Impact Investor Survey, there isn't one single way to be an impact investor. 

With so many different types of investors pursuing a variety of impact objectives and financial return targets, the GIIN aims to bring greater transparency to the market by sharing diverse examples of impact investments and viewpoints held by investors who are motivated by social and environmental considerations.* 

Explore case studies:

The GIIN's Research Center provides investors with information and stories about impact investments in action.

GIIN Issue Briefs offer case studies on specific areas of practice, including The Use of Guarantees in U.S. Community Investing (page 15), Catalytic First-Loss Capital (page 12), and Responsible Exits (page 19).


We also offer case studies aligned to our various membership workstreams. 

  • GIIN Initiative For Institutional Impact Investment

    • Aegon N.V. is a multinational life insurance, pensions, and asset management company headquartered in the Netherlands. Aegon Asset Management (AAM), the company’s investment arm, manages most of the company’s assets.

    • Christian Super is an Australian Superannuation Fund that invests on the principles of the Christian faith.

  • Climate Investing Track

    • responsAbility Investments AG is an asset manager in the field of development investments and offers professionally-managed investment solutions to private, institutional, and public investors.

The resources listed below provide additional information about how impact investors are allocating capital to fund solutions to the world's most intractable challenges, including those that reduce poverty, empower marginalized populations, and protect natural resources, as well as many other issues.


*The publication of such diverse viewpoints, however, should not be construed as an endorsement by the GIIN of those viewpoints or the individuals or institutions expressing them.

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