Blended Finance Knowledge Hub

The Blended Finance Knowledge Hub aims to transfer practitioners’ knowhow and enable members to become engaged in blending capital for positive impact. Building directly on the resources, findings, and success of the Blended Finance Working Group, the Knowledge Hub serves and connects all GIIN members, regardless of their prior level of engagement with Blended Finance workstreams and working groups.

Building on Previous Blended Finance Activities

The Blended Finance Working Group addressed the bespoke nature of designing blended finance structures with the goal of decreasing costs and increasing the frequency and scale of blended finance investments. The Working Group also aspired to leverage lessons learned from designing and deploying existing blended finance vehicles and complement existing initiatives rather than duplicate efforts. The Working Group identified a number of challenges that arise in structuring blended finance investments. To address these challenges, the Working Group created a suite of resource documents for stakeholders. While the Blended Finance Working Group has concluded, the GIIN is committed to continuing its longstanding work through a dedicated Knowledge Hub.

Knowledge Focus

The quarterly convenings use the following guiding questions / sections as a framework to design a broad and comprehensive learning experience for its participants:

Guiding Questions
Corresponding Sections

What is the Blended Finance spectrum?

Blended Finance definition and examples.

Why does Blended Finance matter?

The Blended Finance business and impact case.

How is Blended Finance evolving?

Blended Finance Guidance.

Who is at the forefront of Blended Finance?

The Blended Finance ecosystem.

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